Wiggle Rhymes

The first little pig danced a merry, merry jig.

The second little pig ate candy.

The third little pig wore a blue and yellow wig.

The fourth little pig was a dandy.

The fifth little pig never grew to be big,

So they call him Tiny Little Andy.


This little wind blows silver rain.

This little wind drifts snow.

This little wind sings a whistled tune.

This little wind moans low.

And this little wind rocks baby birds,

Tenderly to and fro.

(hug baby and rock back and forth)


Wee Wiggie, (begin with little finger)

Poke Piggie,

John Whistle,

Tom Gristle,

And old gray gobble, gobble, gobble.




Middleman big,




(with hand run up baby’s arm and give a little tickle under baby’s arm)


This is the father, short and stout.

This is a the mother with children about.

This is the brother, tall you see.

This is the sister with doll on her knee.

This is the baby sure to grow,

And here is a the family all in a row.