The Crabfish


There was a little man and he had a little wife

and he loved her as much as he loved his life.


Refrain:   Mash-a-row-dow-dow-dow diddle all the day,

                 Mash-a-row-dow-dow-dow diddle all the day.


One early morning his wife grew sick

and all that she wanted was a little crabfish.


So the husband arose and put on his clothes

and down to the seaside he followed his nose.


“Oh fisherman, Oh fisherman, can you tell me,

have you a little crabfish you could sell to me.”


“Oh yes, Oh yes, I have one, two, and three

and the best of these I’ll give to thee.”


So he caught him and he bought him and he put him in a dish,

and he said “Oh wife, put your nose to this.”


The wife just to see him popped up from her clothes,

But the crabfish jumped up and grabbed her by the nose!


“Oh help dear husband, come hither, do you hear?”

But the crabfish was ready and grabbed her by the ear!


With an ‘eek’ and a ‘ow’ the husband gave a cry,

pulled the crabfish off and tossed him to the sky!


The crabfish landed and scurried off to the sea

said “I may get caught, but they’ll never eat me!”