Songs to Know #12: Old Dan Tucker

Old Dan Tucker

Old Dan Tucker came to town

Riding on a billy goat, leading a hound

The hound gave a yelp, the goat gave a jump

And threw old Dan a straddle of a stump

Get out of the way for Old Dan Tucker

He's too late to get his supper

Supper's over, breakfast cooking

Old Dan Tucker stands there looking

When at night he went to bed

He pulled a night cap over his head

He tried to sleep but it wasn't any use

His legs hung out for the chickens to roost

Old Dan Tucker was a mighty man

He washed his face in a frying pan

He combed his hair with a wagon wheel

And had a toothache in his heel

Dan wore his shirttails outside his coat

He buttoned his britches up around his throat

His nose stuck out, his eyes stuck in

His beard grew out all over his chin

Old Dan Tucker went to the mill

to get some meal to put in the swill

The miller swore by the point of his knife

he'd never seen such a man in his life

Old Dan Tucker the other day

Took a ride in a one-horse sleigh

Horse ran away, sleigh upset

And I haven't seen anything of Daniel yet

As Dan came down the new cut road

He met Brer Terrapin and Brer Toad

And every time Brer Toad would sing

Brer Terrapin cut the pigeon wing

Old Dan Tucker climbed a tree

Climbed so high he couldn't see

Stuck his head in a woodpecker's hole

Couldn't get out to save his soul

I went to town the other night

To hear the noise and see the fight

All the people were jumping round

Crying Old Dan Tucker's come to town

Old Dan Tucker was a fine old soul

Lived nine days in a tater hole

Goblin got him by the snout

He hollered for his friends to help him out

Old Dan Tucker went out shooting

There he spied a wild hog rooting

Hog bristled up and set Dan shaking

That was all that saved his bacon

Old Dan began in early life

to play the banjo and the fife

He played the boys and girls to sleep

And then into his bunk he'd creep

Old Dan Tucker's still in town

Swinging the ladies all around

First to the East and then to the West

Then to the one that he loves best

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