A Feast of Songs

Are you ever overwhelmed by how many songs there are to choose from? As I add to "Little Songster" I often have the same feelings. I have hundreds of songs that I would love to put on this site and am also paralyzed by all the options. So I need your help! Here are some different categories of songs with an example attached to each. What types of songs would you like to learn more of? I would love to hear your input!

Call and Response Songs - Shoo Lie Loo

Echo Songs - My Aunt Came Back

Rounds - Jubilate Deo

Action Songs - Jim Along Josie

Street Games - Jump Roping/Hand Clapping - Miss Mary Mack

Cumulative Songs - The Rattlin' Bog

Work Songs - Miss Julie Ann Johnson (This song was sung while men swung their hammers while working on the railroads)

Play Parties - I've Been to Harlem (Play parties originated in the Midwest. Many religious communities were not comfortable with "dancing" but were okay with the term "play parties" - essentially they were dances for children)

Singing games - Charlie Over the Ocean (chase games, passing games, close to play parties but less dance like in formation)

Animal Songs - Leatherwinged Bat

Story songs/ Song Tales - The Tailor and the Mouse

Ballads - The House Carpenter (These have more mature themes compared to a "story song" many are based off of Sir Francis Child's collection of ballads - This is Child ballad #243)

Courting Songs - Paper of Pins

Nonsense / Humorous Songs - Risselty Rosselty

Regional Folksongs - Turkey Song (Tall tale from Wisconsin)

Folk hymns - What Wondrous Love is This

Spirituals - Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

Lullabies - Hobo's Lullaby

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