Pizza-Pizza Daddy-o!

One of my family's favorite meals is pizza. As of late, whenever we have pizza we improvise verses to the old hand-clapping rhyme "Pizza-Pizza Daddy-o"... Daddy's got the pizza, pizza-pizza daddy-o, How do you know it, pizza-pizza daddy-o, cause he told me, pizza-pizza daddy-o..etc. It's funny because it's always a little different, sometimes I'm the star with "pizza-pizza mommy-o." Growing up, I have fond memories of doing a few hand clapping games on the playground such as Miss Mary Mack and Miss Lucy Had a Baby. The following video has a few examples of hand clapping games from the 1960's. The last one played is "Pizza Pizza Daddy-o," my personal favorite. What are hand-clapping rhymes you remember from childhood?

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