Singing in the New Year

Happy New Year! I am not one for making resolutions but I am going to attempt to sing more and read more to my children this year. It seems that is always my intention but I often get side-tracked by the many other things in life. It's all about being intentional with my time. Cleaning can wait...and the computer is not always my friend. As far as music is concerned, I have found it is easier to turn on a CD. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the time to sit down one on one with my child is much more meaningful for both of us. It makes me slow makes me exercise my brain to remember the words of a song. Believe me - after having children there are days I can't remember one song- "mommy brain" is a real thing. I have probably made up more songs about dirty diapers than anything else these past three and a half years! The thing I love about singing is that it is a stress reducer for both my kids and I. It raises endorphins and releases oxytocin, a hormone that decreases anxiety and gives a general feeling of well-being. In the end, the best feeling is hearing your child in another part of the house singing their version of a song you've taught them...priceless. So hears to singing more in the new year...wanna join me?

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