Welcome to the Littlesongster.com blog! I am very excited to start this new venture. I have a vision of bringing music back into the home. While I want to provide resources for parents to share with their kids, this blog and the resources on Little Songster might also be helpful for teachers and homeschoolers. That said, I will primarily be focusing my blog entries to parents. As a new parent, I am on a journey of finding my voice again and exploring music with my son and daughter. I looked online to find websites that provided the materials I wanted to use with my children and couldn't find a site that had the particular focus that I was looking for. So...here is my experiment with putting together the things that have been my source of musical inspiration. Included on this site (at the risk of be redundant) are: Songs: Here is a list of my favorite folk songs with mp3 recordings. I have recorded my own voice for these without accompaniment, making them easier to learn. Think of me as a friend sitting on your couch and singing a song for you. Feel free to sing them in a key that feels comfortable to you. I will continue to add songs to this list. Rhymes: This is a wonderful resource for parents with babies and toddlers. I've included here traditional bouncing and tickling rhymes/songs, as well as finger wiggles and lullabies. I've used each one of these songs and rhymes with my children. They have given us many memorable moments of laughter and bonding. Resources: Here I provided a lists of books, cd's/mp3's, and instruments that I recommend as well as a list of interactive music websites and song collections. I will continue to add to this list and hope to in the future include recommendations for music apps. On this blog I hope to post songs on a regular basis as well as new links to resources in the form of websites, videos, and mp3's. I want to offer to ideas about building music skills through fun and interactive activities. Most of all I want to encourage both parents and their children to find their voices and make music a regular part of their family life.

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