It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’


Last night I sang this ditty. I'll sing it again tonight.

I'll look right out the window and sing with all my might


Refrain:  Oh! it ain't gonna rain no mo', no, no mo'.

                It ain't gonna rain no mo',

                But how in the world can the old folks tell

                it ain't a-gonna rain no mo'?


Oh, Mosquito he fly high. Mosquito he fly low.

If old man 'Skeeta light on me, he ain't gonna fly no mo'.


Oh, the butterfly flits on wings of gold, the June-bug wings of flame.

The bedbug has no wings at all, but he gets there just the same.


Oh, a bullfrog sittin' on a lily pad, lookin' up at the skies.

The lily pad broke and the frog fell in, got water all in his eyes.


A peanut sittin' on a railroad track, its heart was all a-flutter.

The train came roarin' round a curve. Toot, toot! Peanut butter.


Now, I hope I'm not misleading, for I've tried to make it plain

That even though your skies are dark, it ain't a-gonna rain.



Originally written by Wendall Hall, “It Ain’t Gonna Rain” sold over two million copies in the United States in 1923.  Wendell was an American country singer, vaudeville artist, song writer, pioneer radio performer, Victor recording artist and ukelele player.